Digital marketing : the opportunities to be seized by the end of 2021

Par Audrey Sylvestre
9 August 2021

The start of 2021 was marked by the end of third-party cookies – a real apocalypse in the collection of data necessary for digital marketing – and privacy laws . These major changes reduce the effectiveness of advertisers for targeting of e remarketing of prospecting and of conversion of digital campaigns . Indeed, the results of these campaigns depend to a large extent on the data collected on the targets and their behaviors.

After spending several months assumptions and imagine scenarios on the impact of the digital ecosystem on the s web publishers, companies of ad tech , advertising and the advertisers, Google has chosen to deploy the Privacy San d box in 2023. for your guidance, this initiative aims to create web standards that allow websites to collect data about users without compromising the confidentiality.

Several theories are circulating on this report from Google. Currently, u do investigation of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is to know if the decision of the giant does not hide a way to gain more share s market than its competitors. Moreover, Google could continue a form of data collection via its tools (Google Analytics, YouTube…), thus creating a kind of unfair competition . Reuters also a r a p p Orte that the Department of J ustice of the United States and the Commission E uropean also launched investigations . 1 But let’s move on for now …


Digital Marketing : So what does the rest of 2021 have in store?


In light of the changes mentioned above, we have every right to ask ourselves questions about the near future of digital marketing. What will be the opportunities to be seized and the trends to be followed by the end of 2021?

In 2020, the pandemic has generated superb technological changes and highlighted the importance of digital. Advertisers and the trader ‘s demonstrated agility and authenticity . A certain connection has been created between brands and consumers. In B2B , empathetic professionalism has been put forward , and this should continue . But a u beyond the B2C and the B2B , 2020 has uncovered the H2H ( human to human ) , and it is beautiful!

The following paragraphs will help you understand the opportunities that will be presented to you by the end of 2021. They will also help you prepare for the
“real” end of cookies .

Digital experience

The year 2020 has exposed the gap between customer expectations with respect to the digital experience and what brands “  engaged  ” . According to Bridget Perry, Marketing Director at Contentful , several major players in various industries plan to invest an average of 25 % more money in digital for the year 2021 2 . The acceleration of digital first therefore  continues !


Media habits and omnichannel

In 2020, the art consumer habits were deeply shaken . The way people consume media, products and services has changed. Their focus on entertainment has also shifted as have priorities over discretionary budget and household savings. In other words, everything that was acquired has been called into question.

According to Google 3 :

  • the campaigns with omnichannel strategy to improve return on investment (ROI) of 35 % or more;
  • videos longer than a minute convert more and create an additional opportunity for advertisers to consider;
  • a mix of television and keyword ads ( search ) generates ROI increases of 25 %.

You dev r ez , therefore, multiply the channels.


Social medias

According to Hootsuit 4 , 73 % of advertisers, up from 50 % last year, aim to acquire new consumers in 2021.

The pandemic ended abrupt ly to all experiences offline consumers (sampling, promotional displays attractive, friendly vendors, etc.) . The health crisis has also Blvd. e towards e shopping habits of people. C last’re demonstrated the importance of having a digital community for advertisers to promote the hearts products or services. The art company s have also realized that they had to listen to the needs of consumers .

For advertisers who have built or are currently building a virtual community, social media will continue to play a role in building consumer loyalty to their brand. Those who have not yet begun this transition will have on t use the coming months to get into virtual communities.

The content generated by users ( user generated happy ) should be promoted on social media pages of a brand, because it allows to boot from beautiful conversations with consumers and thus better understand their needs and are better to respond.

The community marketing likely will grow by the end of 2021 to replace presential events or to complete virtual events.


Virtual events

According to eMarketer 5 , the industry virtual events will experience tremendous growth ( 78 million $ in 2019 to 774,000,000 $ in 2030 ).

In 2019, the art events and the trade fairs accounted for 53 % of conversions . These were -they materialized through the art web and hybrid events ? The answer remains unknown at this time. That said, 58 % of marketers say they always rethink or reinvent their s strategy ‘s events because they want to achieve their business goals.



The end of third-party cookies

It is absolutely essential for businesses to prepare for the end of third-party cookies . They will thus avoid the “ apocalypse ” announced at the beginning of 2021 .

For the moment, the Google Analytics 4 (G4) tool still has Beta options. It is therefore wise to “  roll  ” the Google Universal Analytics alongside the G4.

● Tutorial to install the G4 and related digital tools

You don’t know how to go about it? Contact us. We will take care of everything.


Privacy and data protection laws

B lthough Bill 64 is not yet adopted by the National Assembly , the General Regulation on Data Protection ( RGPD) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States do exist, and they must be taken into consideration.

Please click on the table for the full version

In conclusion…

As the actions and effects stemming from the pandemic begin to merge into the past, the major developments that result from it will continue. If you want to align your marketing strategies , consult the experts in communications digital and traditional . These experts will help you implement a marketing plan or a media mix profitable s as your short- s and long s terms.


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