Marketing and strategic research

Facts and statisctics are the basis of solid strategies

Our team members and partners are experts in analyzing and synthesizing data. All our media and marketing strategies are based on analyses of markets, targets, media habits, sales, competitors, environments, etc.

The goal for a traditional or digital media strategy, is to avoid the waste of targeted impressions (exposure to the potential target), in order to optimize your investment. With these analyses and statistics, in addition to our software and media databases, expensive blind testing will no longer happen and growth will be the only outcome!

Whether the strategy is for an SME, a family business or a corporation, IntelliMédia’s target and market analyses will help you determine:

  • Who is buying your products and services
  • Their socio-demographic profiles, perceptions and spending habits (products and services)
  • Their behaviours
  • Their markets
  • The media they use (which ones, frequency, reach effectiveness)

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