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Your website can be a powerful tool if it’s configured to generate results. Before adopting a web marketing tool, it is important to develop a web referral strategy (SEO) and establish the results to be measured with respect to ROI and growth.

IntelliMédia, our referral agency, offers market and keyword audits, as well as strategies for positioning your website on search engines so you appear at the top of the list of search results in order to draw high-quality traffic to your website.

The goal is to appear among the top three Google referrals, which will generate traffic and qualified leads and conversions. IntelliMédia will recommend strategies that are tailored to your website and industry.

Because algorithms are regularly updated, and search engine robots strive to track changing Internet user behaviours, our SEO experts will continuously adapt your web referral and SEO strategy to maintain your daily gains and progress (e.g. log analyses, content strategy, referral links). We are your long-term team of SEO specialists; we can help get to and/or stay in the top three Google results!

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